A double-tuned amplifier circuit

There are two resonant circuits tuned amplifying circuit known as a double tuned amplifier circuit, i.e. the transformer Ti, T2 of the primary and secondary coils are provided has parallel resonance capacitor

has a resonance function. Depending on the coupling can be divided into two mutual coupling and capacitive coupling type Peng, Figure 3-20 below. Figure (a) shows the mutual inductance coupling double tuned amplifier which is tuned amplifier with the single exception that use Ll, C3 tuned circuit tuned circuit in place of a single secondary winding. Using mutual coupling between the tough, secondary, or core that is changing the distance between the position of Li and Li can change their degree of coupling. Figure (b) shows the level of capacitive coupling amplifier tuned by changing an external capacitor Ck two tuners back road between the degree of coupling.

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