Having a broadband 50MHz-3dB 20dB compression characteristics of broadband amplifier ALC

Car circuit used by the external voltage controlled amplification of wideband amplifiers lC (TL0216); so as to have the compression characteristics 2udB b: input circuit, resis

tors with mark is to reduce the input level (when the input level - 26 ~ a 6dB or more) and added. Driving 50Q load, because the TL026 is difficult to obtain a large output amplitude, so an increase in the circuit by the transistor push-pull buffer amplifier, TL026 to mitigate the negative twist. TL026 output is differential, if the load resistance is not equal, the frequency characteristics of the changes will occur, so pick up on the lead 5 0 earth and R. 2,7 between o lead to the magnification potential difference can be controlled by direct current drift, so with OP amplifier A8. Diode mouth, the output is rectified and with a reference voltage comparator mouth diode Dz compensate for the temperature characteristics of Zhang (VRi output) were added while.

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