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This wideband amplifier uses only five components. External signals enter pin 3 of IC1 via ac coupling capacitor Cl. Following amplification, the boosted signals from IC1 pin 1 are coupled to the output by capacitor C2. Capacitor C3 decouples the de power supply, while rf current is isolated from the power supply by rf choke Ll.

Miniature-wideband-amplifier - schematic

The NE5205"s low current consumption of 25 mA at 6 V de makes battery-powered operation a reality. Although the device is rated for a 6 to 8 V power supply, 6 V is recommended for normal operation. From" 6 V an internal bias of 3.3 V results, which pennits a 1.4 V pk-pk output swing for video applications.

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