VHF Portable "rubber duck" antenna


Posted on Dec 17, 2012    8323

You can make your own 2-meter `rubber duckies` that will likely perform much better than many commercial units. I compared my design with two other `rubber duckies` of the TH215 and ICT7 which outperformed them both. With the `duckie` of the ICT7e as much as 10dB. It does not has a gain compared to a 1/4wave antenna ofcourse, but compared to most standard `rubber duckies` its average `gain` is about 6dB (or more).

VHF Portable

This has several reasons: * You can tune it for optimal SWR/performance and to the centre frequency you desire (factory duckies are mass-produced and their SWR isn`t always good. The TH215 antenna had an SWR of 1:1,4 and the ICT7 dualband ante

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