miniature fm transmitter

Posted on Feb 9, 2013

This miniature transmitter is easy to construct and it`s transmissions can be picked up on any standard FM receiver. It has a range of up to 1/4 of a mile or more. It is great for room monitoring, baby listening, nature research, etc. L1 is 8 to 10 turns of 22 gauge hookup wire close wound around a non-conductive 1/4 inch diameter form, such as a pencil. C4 is a small, screw-adjustable, trimmer capacitor. Set your FM receiver for a clear, blank space in the lower end of the band. Then, with a non-conductive tool, adjust this capacitor for the clearest reception. A little experimenting and patience may be in order. Most of the parts` values are not critical, so you can try adjusting them to see what happens.

miniature fm transmitter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

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