TV and FM jammer schematic


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Jammer Circuits / RF Circuits

The Jammer is a very small circuit and can fit inside a small plastic box with 9V battery inside. It can be very illegal if you attach an external antenna so don't. adjust frequency by turning trimmer. It is intended only as a practical joke device. The Capacitor is 6-10pf air capacitor and the transistor used here is the 2n2222.

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TV and FM jammer schematic - img1

UPDATE: There is an new improved version of this jammer at the following link:

Datasheet file1: Click here to download 2N2222.pdf datasheet.

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Dec 3, 2008 RAptor

whats that #16wire can some one plz tell me tha diameter of the wire i will be very thank full to that one . send it to my e-mail thanks in AdVaNce

Nov 8, 2007 llc

wats the variable capacitor's value?

Dec 14, 2007 Ruri

I think variable capacitor is supposed to be a 45pf tuning cap.

Feb 9, 2008 Leftorium

I've used 4-20pF. It's work very well with Vhf.

Feb 28, 2008 razbinn

where would you attatch the antenna??????

Mar 2, 2008 George

Very impressive. It doesn't do TV quite as well as I hoped but it takes down my FM radio pretty fast... and i believe with my knowledge of electronics that if one was to install an antenna, the best place would be on the same pin of the transistor as the coil.

Mar 26, 2008 leslie

Nice little gadget, small but does the job. It does work, yes i agree with you George, the antenna position is where you say it works. how about adding a white noise circuit to it, wow even worse, see what happens.

Mar 26, 2008 none

is there any other transistor you could substitute for the pn2222

Apr 12, 2008 br1

The pn2222 can be easly found at, they also sell the variable capacitor, they use a 6-35pF variable capacitor. They also sell the full kit. By the way were would you put the white noise circuit?

Apr 30, 2008

what range of frequencies will this work for? Could i push it to arouns 3Mhz? Thanks

May 3, 2008 Rich

I like cheese

Apr 18, 2008 none

like say could you substitute the pn2222 for 2n4401 or the 2n4403 ????

May 20, 2008 Dan

I couldn't find all the parts I needed so I made some substitutions: 10K + 4.7K instead of a 15K resistor 7pf cap instead of a 6pf trimmer cap - NO CLUE WHAT VALUE 2n2222 instead of pn2222 However, mine my circuit doesn't seem to be working! I think it's because I have no clue what range my trimmer cap is. Could someone suggest a fixed value capacitor to target a frequency in the FM band? Thanks!

May 31, 2008 schutze

what variable capacitor do I use to jam fm and tv? what does #16 wire mean?

Jun 12, 2008 apk

I like this.Is it applicable to loudspeaker jamming? If anyone ideas about loudspeaker jammer plz help. could you mail me circuit or idea if u have abt loudspeaker jammer? Thanx

Jun 13, 2008 anonymous

Hie is it possible to use the same circuit for high frequency jamming?

Jul 12, 2008 Jammin' with Bob

Loudspeaker jammin? Tell me more. how to, where to and how far? I need about 150 meters of reach.

Jul 18, 2008 Unknown

How can we increase the frequency up to 900-1800 MHZ?????

Jul 22, 2008 faize

I think that is incomlete circuit there is input and out put not defined...........

Jul 22, 2008 Nick

Is it possible to use this to jam cb freq 27mhz to say 27.900mhz...Basically i am after a small jammer to hide close to an idiot so he cant hear anything hoping that he gives up CB.....Thanks

Oct 25, 2009 Linas

who can help me,i need 900/1800 Mobile Phone Jammers schematic,thank for help :)

Sep 13, 2008 Loudspeaker nuisance

Hi, more than TV or FM jammer, what we need is a loud speaker jammer. Some stupids play old bring songs often in the streets in the name of functions and the volume is ear deafening. Plz come up with a loud speaker jammer which really works...

May 25, 2009 trasistor replacment

can i used another type of transistor instead of pn2222?

Aug 11, 2009 hkBattousai

Poor schematics. Some circuit elements are not defined. There is no specification (Output spectrum & waveform, etc) for the circuit.

Jul 31, 2009 giueseppe

how what is radio tv! I think my cicrcit make work but my light go off? Could maybe used 1N34 for 2pn2222!

Aug 13, 2009 440herz

'loudspeaker jammer' LOL...sure, and after I send you a schematic for loudspeaker jamming I suppose you'll want the circuit that turns taffic lights green as you approach, or the lawnmower jammer that shuts down petrol lawnmowers from up to 50 meteres. Sorry but I am not giving out that information.

Nov 24, 2009 sos

avariable capacitor from 5-45pf and when we want to jamming on TV we must turn capacitor

Aug 19, 2009 USSR

"This device can be very illegall" - why? This is tipysh oscillator shematic and it is as illegal as knife on your kitchen! Same circuit you can find in old FM radios.

Aug 22, 2009 endorfun

I loud speaker jammer? I think the only way you are going to get an rf type jamming device to jam a loud speaker is not likely to happen unless the loud speaker source is a radio broadcast which this device will use anyway. Jamming a wired speaker is not possible with any RF device of any wattage!

Aug 22, 2009 Endorfun

As for the antenae. I silver soldered a 20 gauge copper wire of approx 25 cm to the fourth winding of the coil, and it worked rather well. Any wire really between 12 and 30 cm attached anywhere on the coil will do.

Sep 26, 2009 nemo

Anyone knows what "#16 wire" maens? 1.6mm or 0.16mm or something else?

Nov 24, 2009 Johnny English

why have we used capacitors here? isn't it used to eliminate the DC input? as i've used in my FM transmitter circuit? i have made this circuit at home, don't know the exact frequency at which it operates!

Dec 4, 2009 Germanico

#16 wire means wire that is at 16 in the AWG, the american wire gauge table. Google it up. It would be around 1.2 mm.

Nov 10, 2009 mR.HornY

This circuit is incommensurable. and i believe have short-range out and simple. I need a REAL!

Dec 8, 2009 Saqib Ahmed

BC 547 is a good substitution for PN 2222. #16 wire means 16 gague wire. I think it will be SWG i.e, Standard wire system.Instead of 6 pF 4.7 pF performs best. 10 K instead of 15K and 4.7 K instead of 3.9K will give best results. Remaining circuit is quite good to introduce with wave jamming.

Jan 8, 2010 zeeshan aslam

can any one help me by sending me the theory about this circuit i mean the principles and basic concepts about the jammer and also a little description abt the function of components used in the ckt... my email id is plz do rply as soon as possible

Jan 19, 2010 signalknight01

you can order cell phone jammer online from www.???.com ,if you have any question about cell phone jammer,you can talk with workers online too

Mar 12, 2010 Omni_squirrel

Very simple, constructed it, and successfully jammed two radios in my electronics class! Have yet to try it on "TV" but it definitely works as a radio jammer! Thanks for the schem!

May 2, 2010 vk6fssa(swastik)

can this be used for other frequency bands if yes how (bit new to electronics myself 13 years old)

Mar 21, 2010 salman

plz tell me what frequency range is best compatible with this circuit?ASAP

May 18, 2010 surojit

whats that #16wire can some one plz tell me tha diameter of the wire i will be very thank full to that one . Thanks.

Jun 21, 2010 anyone

ive got a great idea... instead of jamming one station, why not jam all! romove the 3.9k resistor and replace the 15k with a 10k, i used a 0-180 Vcap. tune to 107.3 and tune it till you hear the most interference without blocking it, then change the station and you will hear nothing but fuss!

Aug 19, 2010 whatever

#16wire is 1mm2 wire

Aug 14, 2010 asdf

Can anyone build one for me? I need to jam all FM. My neighbor is driving my baby crazy with the high volume and I need the baby to sleep. Thank you very much.

Jul 2, 2011 Farhan

Hey!! I think spark gaps can do the trick causing substantial interference in the loudspeakers. Spark gaps of Tesla coils can produce high Electromagnetic Interference producing a screeching sound like Mobile phone signals do.

Dec 21, 2011 Bob in New York City

Can I get someone to build one of these jammers for me ? I have a pain in the butt downstairs neighbor who has no regard for other people with her music and tv volumes. I will pay to have someone build and ship this to me. C.O.D

Jan 31, 2012 Jorgie

hi, i've to do this as a project in my class. what i want to noe is how did you decide te values of the components??? could u plz send me the design of this circuit ....u could send me the design...... do help me out!!!!!!!

Apr 1, 2012 asdf

I would like to buy FM radio jammer. Please.

May 11, 2012 G.D.Shark

This is the greatest little jammer ever designed! Just think of how well it will work with an amplifier behind it!

May 14, 2013 Pane

I want to ask, suppose we add an antenna, at the foot of which components it is connected to the antenna?thanks before :)

Dec 17, 2014 Goporty

antenna should be at the connection of variable capacitor and coil (upper side). choose directional antenna to direct the noise to target. Using directional you gain power and so distance. Omnidirectional can be just a wire, or better a telescopic antenna so you can trim it to desired wave length.

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