42 Mc Band to 88 Mc Band (retrofit converter) Project


Posted on Jun 26, 2012    11891

Before World War II the FM radio band was just below 50 Mc. Read all about it. If you have such a radio, you might want to build this converter. It will let your old set receive the modern FM band (88 to 108 Mc.). This design is based on an article I wrote for Radio Age. You must wind L1 yourself. Use any cylindrical object that is just under 1/2 inch in diameter. I used a thick pencil from my son`s grade school class, but a magic marker or a large drill bit will work just fine. Wind 6 turns with #18 or #20 wire. Wind the wire tightly on the cylinder and then slip the wire off.

42 Mc Band to 88 Mc Band (retrofit converter) Project - schematic

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