14MHz SSB 10mW transceiver

Posted on Apr 9, 2012

The whole Construction : You can call the transceiver like this as `OZL type`. Characteristics of the `OZL type` are as follows. 1. Single conversion super. 2. Using two DBM-s as modulator and converter. 3. Modulator DBM is used as demodulator in receiving time. 4. All amplifiers are used in transmitting and receiving time. 5. Case is second use of my failed or useless machine.(This time I used my useless old 10W 7MHz transmitter.) 6. All decals are done with the `Magic ink`. Very simple way! 7. Normal `OZL type` uses 12V DC power from cigar lighter of the car.

14MHz SSB 10mW transceiver
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

But in this machine I used 20V DC from my DC power supply. The reason of my choosing high voltage are as follows. One reason is in order to press the variable capacitor of the VXO oscillator for it`s minimum capacitance and to get the highest frequen

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