Isolated RS485 Transceiver

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

The RS485 interface standard is designed to handle a 7V to 12V input signal range; however, in practical systems, ground potentials vary widely from node to node, often exceeding the specified range. This can result in an interruption of communications, high current flow through ground loops or worse, destruction of a transceiver. Guarding against large ground-to-ground differentials calls for an isolated interface. A new surface mount device, the LTC®1535 isolated RS485 transceiver, provides a one-chip solution for breaking ground loops and achieving a wide input range.

The LTC1535 consists of two separate dice assembled on a proprietary, isolated lead frame. The lead frame includes integral coupling capacitors that bridge the isolation barrier and exhibit 2,500VRMS guaranteed standoff. Data communication takes place

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