4 ~ 20mA transmitter circuit diagram TMP35 temperature

4 ~ 20mA constituted by a TMP35 temperature transmitter circuit as shown in FIG. This circuit can be a voltage signal TMP35 output is converted into a standard 4 ~ 20mA current
4 ~ 20mA transmitter circuit diagram TMP35 temperature - schematic

signal, for the use of automated instrumentation, industrial temperature control. Here is 4mA as zero-scale value, 20mA full-scale value. REF193 is 3V reference voltage source, OP193 operational amplifier. RP1, RP2, respectively, and full scale calibration potentiometer zero, both can be adjusted independently of each other. VD1 Schottky diode, which prevents OP193 open loop voltage increases. Preferably the power supply voltage + 9 ~ + 18V. Transmitter output current expression is:

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