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Street Report
The Company's products include Low and medium electro-mechanical and motor starters, motor and protection devices, AC/DC variable drives, contactors, push buttons, signaling devices, termination and
 27 May 2016

Sonoran Weekly Review
In addition, it provides radio power semiconductors consisting of field-effect transistors, pseudomorphic-high-electron-mobility transistors, Gunn diodes, and monolithic microwave integrated that enable the amplification or reception
 27 May 2016 A very common application is PWM, which is employed in various automotive, industrial, and alternative energy applications, including LED drivers for luminosity control; inverters that match the output and to 3-phase AC
 26 May 2016

Semiconductor Today
All are input matched to optimize operating range, and can withstand a VSWR ( standing wave ratio) greater than 20:1 with 3dB overdrive without degradation. They are also ... The transistors' oadband coverage from HF to S
 26 May 2016 Precision analog-to- converters are popularly used in many applications, such as Instrumentation and Measurement, PLM, Process Control, Motor Control, etc. Current SAR ADCs go up to 18-bit or even higher resolution at x-MSPS, while Sigma-Delta ...
 25 May 2016

AZoNano So in sMIM, contact is not required between the substrate and sample to map characteristics, unlike the surface potential/Kelvin Probe force microscopy (KPFM) or conductive AFM. ... Usually, the optimal tends to have a
 25 May 2016

Business Wire (press release)
Business Wire (press release) Together, they set out to build Super Hero technology straight from the movie Marvel's Captain America: Civil War using components from some of Mouser's leading manufacturers, including Platinum Partners Molex and Analog Devices. ... Chosen
 24 May 2016

SemiEngineering Researchers from Tohoku University developed a technology to stack magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) directly on the via without causing deterioration to its /magnetic characteristics. The team focused on reducing the memory cell area of spin
 24 May 2016

VICE (blog)
VICE (blog) Different were then routed so that one operator could have access to them all. Napolean considers these setups to be akin to ... “In the switchboard realm there was a lot of inputs, so I had to create an analog spectrum from 0 to 10
 23 May 2016

SPIE Newsroom
SPIE Newsroom ... and ω2 combine to produce photons of ω1–ω2. At the ultimate limit of DFG—optical rectification (OR)—two photons of identical combine to produce a DC field in nonlinear crystals, such as lithium niobate or potassium
 23 May 2016