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RF Globalnet (press release)
Digital integrated are used in computers, microprocessors, digital signal processors and other counters, specially designed by utilizing various digital logic gates and other components of . Analog integrated
 20 January 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) encompass a oad range of technologies that increase automotive safety and improve driving performance. Safety-related ... One anch passes both the back channel and forward channel, but blocks the
 18 January 2017

Science News for Students (blog)
Science News for Students (blog) When it comes to and devices, energy is typically stored in one of two places. The first, a battery, stores energy in chemicals. Capacitors are a less common ... This is why engineers must be careful to design that protect
 18 January 2017

Digital Journal
The signals can be adjusted according to the output , impedance, , and modulation of the signal. The in an instrument require some type of input signals, and the amplitude of such signals vary over time. The input
 18 January 2017

Electric Light & Power
The TWE is a high-, direct current (HVDC) transmission system being developed by TransWest Express LLC to directly and efficiently access diverse renewable energy supplies while reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. .... The new network
 18 January 2017

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance Available in automotive grade with ratings up to 200 volts ... ESD damage due to human contact is a major cause of equipment failures during assembly or in the field, and is estimated to reduce assembly-line productivity by
 17 January 2017

EE Times
EE Times Because they are a must-have for practically all systems, power management ICs are the largest and fastest growing segment of the general-purpose analog market, accounting for almost $12 billion in revenues. Thus power management is arguably
 17 January 2017

Satellite PR News (press release)
There are different types of discrete diodes which include zener diodes, schottky diodes, laser diodes, transient protection diodes, radio and microwave diodes, and small signal diodes. A diode acts as a one-way valve which has different
 16 January 2017

All About Circuits
All About Circuits Despite these changes, the new Battlebot and Robot Wars series showed little technological advancement with regards to sensors, microcontrollers, and warfare. However, one ex-competitor to the original Robot Wars, Team Storm, has re-entered ...
 16 January 2017

3D Printing Industry
3D Printing Industry Tractor beams, capable of controlling objects using soundwaves, are no longer the stuff of science fiction or science labs. Thanks to over two years of experimentation from Asier Marzo, and his associates Sue Ann Seah, Bruce W. Drinkwater, Deepak How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam American Institute of PhysicsEurekAlertRealization of compact tractor beams using acoustic delay-lines: Applied Physics Letters: Vol 110, No 1 - ScitationScitation
 5 January 2017