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Electronic Design
Electronic Design Jul 18, 2016 Ed Spence | Design. EMAIL. inShare ... A smaller-form-factor triaxial mounted on a printed board (PCB) and inserted into a hermetic housing suitable for mounting and cabling on a machine can contribute to a smaller
 18 July 2016 for Wide Operating TemperatureA low cost POL may be used to provide the input signal (+5 VDC). The IGD962-8A is packaged in a compact SIP package to minimize board space required. It is specified for use over the wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.
 18 July 2016 Available in industry standard dual-in-line packages, the new EQXO-1000BMK and EQXO-3000BMK clock oscillators feature a custom-designed quartz crystal and a CMOS/TTL compatible hyid mounted on a ceramic substrate. ... The range
 16 July 2016

Electronic Design (blog)
Electronic Design (blog) These parasitic components play crucial roles in design and analysis, and usually effectuate the malfunction of an IC. Some examples would be the parasitic capacitances between junctions that form an electrical short to high-
 15 July 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design In a surprise restructuring of the market for advanced semiconductors, Infineon Technologies announced that it struck a deal to buy Wolfspeed, a division of Cree making power and radio chips. Infineon is ... Wolfspeed is one of the biggest
 14 July 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Optimizing board space in today's large-scale server and telecom apps requires higher-power-density POL converters spawned from new topologies, MOSFET technology and/or novel packaging.
 12 July 2016

So this article is in a way a condensed version of something I might have written as a series had Hackaday existed in 1987, or even as a slim paperback volume had I been able to find a publisher gullible enough to accept the experimental
 11 July 2016

Phys.Org Nonlinearities are observed, for example, in macroscopic phenomena such as the flow of fluids like water and air or of currents in . Manipulating the nonlinear behavior is therefore inherently ... Moreover, Josephson junctions are
 11 July 2016

Physics The ring of engineered HEK cells acted like an “ring oscillator,” a device with a characteristic to its circulating electrical signal. The electrical waves in a ring oscillator can propagate in either direction around the ring
 1 July 2016

Physics PhotonsPrototypes of such quantum simulators that are based on ultracold atoms, ions, photons, and superconducting microwave are now available [2], with the latter, in particular, having attracted Silicon Valley's interest. The challenge ... Houck's
 30 June 2016