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ThomasNet News (press release) (blog)
ThomasNet News (press release) (blog) Operated with 85 to 265 VAC input and 47 to 440 Hz input , unit provides two 20 VDC at 6.25 A and one 24 VDC at 16.7 A outputs. Featuring short , over current, over and over temperature protection, product comes in 11.32
 27 February 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Integrated based around field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are also adding multicore processing power and other functional blocks to form SoCs. For example, in addition to its programmable logic, digital-signal-processor (DSP) block, and
 22 February 2017

Design and Reuse (press release) (blog)
Design and Reuse (press release) (blog) This time we discuss the significance of Adaptive Scaling (AVS) and Dynamic Scaling (DVFS) in optimising in-chip conditions. As Moortec's CTO, Oliver has been leading the development of compelling in-chip monitoring solutions ...
 20 February 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design 3a to 3c, we see that with external drivers, just 1 to 2 nH of gate loop inductance can cause unintended turn-on. While gate resistors reduce the spikes, they create additional losses. Thus, the system becomes limited in terms of switching
 16 February 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design for Sensors that Never Stop ListeningThe UB20M, as the patent-pending is called, only wakes up an device when something like an accelerometer feels movement or a microphone hears a sound, generating a . That allows a sensor to keep watching its surroundings, ...
 13 February 2017 (press release) (registration) (blog)
By using the free Power Wizard software, Metra was able to define the output , output , output and low shutdown parameters of any inverter from a laptop with a standard micro-USB interface. Another appeal of the
 10 February 2017

MIT News
MIT News The MIT researchers' chief innovation is a more compact and efficient for tuning the of the receiving coil. A standard tuning connects the coil to a series of capacitors, components that can store charge. Between
 9 February 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Figure 7 shows the recommended test setup to measure PSRR performance. The EB5061B Network analyzer generates both dc and an RF noise signal, then compares the input and output to arrive at the results. The EB5061B has a range ...
 8 February 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Virtually all devices in use now incorporate fast serial data transfers. Examples include ASIC and FPGA connections on a printed- board (PCB), board-to-board connections, or short cables. Multiple interface standards exist to
 1 February 2017

The Hindu
The Hindu At the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany, Manish Garg and other researchers used laser light to generate very high current inside a solid material. The electrons were found to be moving at a
 31 January 2017