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Electronic Design
Electronic Design Design's Products of the Week (6/26-7/2)The conversion rate can be set in a range from 0.25 to 8 Hz. At lower conversion , power consumption is lower. In stand-by ... Large flat copper plates allow the LC Series of capacitors to reliably handle the current and in resonant
 29 June 2016

Press Telegraph
The SmartMesh IP and SmartMesh WirelessHART technology offers wireless network solutions using low power components, board level products with mesh networking and software addressing applications. ... According to Zacks Investment Research
 29 June 2016

Digital Journal
Seed as Cadence Files Are Released for New Full-Differential ...InventionShare is now in discussions with a number of semiconductor companies and is looking to license or partner with companies interested in using Seed designs. ... (PTAT), Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL), Ring Oscillator with Ultra-High Spectral
 29 June 2016

In 2005 and earlier, the majority of networks had a limited number of protocols, each with a relatively small subset of functionality, and CPU processors had only one core, not the millions of microscopic integrated that are printed on tiny
 29 June 2016

Industry Today (press release)
A signal generator produces signals that are used as a stimulus for measurements. The signals can be adjusted according to the output , impedance, , and modulation of the signal. The in an instrument
 29 June 2016

A crystal oscillator is an oscillator which uses inverse piezoelectric effect, i.e. when field is applied across certain materials it produces mechanical deformation. ... The Global Crystal Oscillator Market is segmented on
 29 June 2016

Control Design
Control Design This includes the plant line side ac down to the devices—power supplies—used to convert the ac to dc . Not only is the type of power supply important, ... While it is more complicated electronically, converting the ac input
 28 June 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design While expertise on switching power-supply design continues to spread, the challenge of delivering very high currents to concentrated sections of a board―what experts call increasing “power density”―may point to the use of pre-assembled and
 28 June 2016

Business Wire (press release)
BUSINESS WIRE)--IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a global manufacturer of power semiconductors and integrated (ICs) for energy efficiency, power management, transportation, medical, and motor control applications, today announced a high-speed
 23 June 2016

Hackaday If you build on a regular basis the chances are you will have used capacitors many times. They are a standard component along with the resistor whose values are lifted off the shelf without a second .... Polyethylene naphthalate
 21 June 2016