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Home Toys (press release)
Featuring Mark Levinson's proprietary Pure Path design, the № 534 delivers a deep, expansive soundstage, accurate image placement, extended low bass response with exceptional pitch definition, and detailed high free from "etching
 5 May 2016

ThomasNet News (press release) (blog)
ThomasNet News (press release) (blog) The industrial-grade LM5165 and automotive-grade LM5165-Q1 micro-power step-down regulators feature a wide input (V(IN)) range and dual control modes for optimizing efficiency and printed board (PCB) area. By using the ... Dual-mode
 5 May 2016

IHS Electronics360
ThomasNet News Pasternack, a provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has announced its PE15A5025 50 Watt gallium nitride (GaN) coaxial power amplifier operating in the 2 to 6 GHz band. The compact and rugged design delivers high levels of ...GaN Coaxial Power Amplifier operates in 2-6 GHz band.ThomasNet News (press release) (blog)
 5 May 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design More specifically, it's a sawtooth-shaped noise signal that's the difference between the actual input value and the represented by the codes possible in the converter. The peak noise value is the least-significant-bit (LSB) analog
 4 May 2016

Reverb News (press release) (blog)
Reverb News (press release) (blog) Born in 1896, Theremin was something of a boy genius who, while still in high school, had a home laboratory where he conducted experiments with electromagnetism and high-. He invented the instrument that ... quantities in the Soviet
 4 May 2016

TTI MarketEYE (blog)
... include X7R, X5R, Y5V and COG type materials, as well as a variety of specialty formulations that can be manipulated for ceramic capacitors that would be used in specialty applications, such as high temperature, high and high
 3 May 2016

Gizmag MOSFETs are semiconductor components that have rapidly replaced common bipolar transistors in due to their low current requirements, high- capabilities, and generally improved performance. ... In other words, by applying a
 29 April 2016 The period of this oscillation is related to the area of the loop, which means that the sum of from a large number of SQUIDs with different loop sizes is more or less constant at most applied magnetic-field strengths – but has a very sharp
 26 April 2016

Hackaday These are the , current, and power dissipation figures you will have in front of you when you calculate the DC bias for your application, in order to ensure that you're operating the device within its capabilities. You needs
 26 April 2016

and Music Collide, the Tesla Coils Sing... store energy by oscillating at their natural resonant . More specifically, the in the devices contain an inductor—an component that resists changes in the current—and a capacitor—an
 22 April 2016