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Press Telegraph
According to Zacks Investment Research, “Vicor Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems using an innovative, patented, high power conversion technology. Power
 25 June 2016

Business Wire (press release)
BUSINESS WIRE)--IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a global manufacturer of power semiconductors and integrated (ICs) for energy efficiency, power management, transportation, medical, and motor control applications, today announced a high-speed
 23 June 2016

Street Report
The Company's products include Low and medium electro-mechanical and motor starters, motor and protection devices, AC/DC variable drives, contactors, push buttons, signaling devices, termination and
 23 June 2016

I-Connect007 Weinhold commented that increased performance and functionality, as well as cost reduction, were the key drivers in device manufacturing, and although different market segments had different needs, they shared the fundamental requirements of
 21 June 2016

Hackaday If you build on a regular basis the chances are you will have used capacitors many times. They are a standard component along with the resistor whose values are lifted off the shelf without a second .... Polyethylene naphthalate
 21 June 2016

SemiEngineering ... and was faicated by IBM using its 32nm CMOS technology. Cores operate at an average maximum clock of 1.78 GHz, and they transfer data directly to each other rather than using a pooled memory area. ... Materials scientists have been
 21 June 2016 Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of power conversion testing equipment and automated systems, announces the release of the 63224A 24kW DC Load in its new series of high power DC loads. ... of the 63200A series include ultra
 17 June 2016

Drives & Controls
Drives & Controls The higher reduce the current needed and thus the size of the cabling. The inverter modules can ... SEW-Eurodrive announced a new distributed drive in the form of inverters up to 1.5kW or motor starters with adjustable ramps up to
 16 June 2016

Tire Review
Tire Review And when the key is off, the battery has to provide a steady supply of to any onboard modules or other accessories that need power. When a battery is ... The PCM can forget fault codes and other diagnostic information (long-term fuel trim
 15 June 2016

WorldOil (subscription)
radio (RF) or human error. Albert, et al (2015) ... “This new select-fire perforating method replaces pressure switches with smart switches that include intelligent with unique digital addresses that can be addressed
 10 June 2016