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All About Circuits
All About Circuits Despite these changes, the new Battlebot and Robot Wars series showed little technological advancement with regards to sensors, microcontrollers, and warfare. However, one ex-competitor to the original Robot Wars, Team Storm, has re-entered ...
 16 January 2017

El Paso (NYSE:EE) was downgraded by analysts at Jefferies Group from a buy rating to a hold rating. FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX) .... According to Zacks, “MaxLinear is a provider of radio- analog and mixed signal semiconductor SoC solutions
 15 January 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design This Texas Instruments timing chart shows the requirement for a 28-ms delay on releasing a microcontroller RESET pin after the power-supply reaches 4.8 V. ... When I asked them what was I to do, they all replied, “You have to make a reset
 11 January 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design V1 and V2 are the input . VREF is used to center the output if there's a single supply; otherwise it's connected to VOUT. Making RG small compared to RF gives a very high gain, making it possible to measure microvolt and millivolt sensor signals.
 11 January 2017

Digital Journal
The major factors driving the growth of AC drives market are increased electricity prices, rising demand for energy and electricity, stringent regulations imposed ...
 11 January 2017

Drives & Controls
Drives & Controls Fuji was demonstrating an IP65-protected, naturally-cooled, water- and dust-proof inverter that uses silicon carbide power semiconductors, said to cut main power losses by 44%. ... A new firmware version (v4.8) for Siemens' Sinamics
 9 January 2017

3D Printing Industry
3D Printing Industry Tractor beams, capable of controlling objects using soundwaves, are no longer the stuff of science fiction or science labs. Thanks to over two years of experimentation from Asier Marzo, and his associates Sue Ann Seah, Bruce W. Drinkwater, Deepak How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam American Institute of PhysicsEurekAlertRealization of compact tractor beams using acoustic delay-lines: Applied Physics Letters: Vol 110, No 1 - ScitationScitation
 5 January 2017

Transmission and Distribution World
Transmission and Distribution World Therefore, Kansai Power Co. Inc. (KEPCO), the second-largest power utility in Japan, has been working on the challenges arising from the rapid introduction of PV systems. ... Photovoltaic penetration introduces various impacts to
 24 December 2016

Hackaday Calculating the negative feedback for proper low cutoff and high stability, and into the eadboard the parts go — jumper clips, meter probes, and test leads abound — a truly joyful event. All of the check out
 21 December 2016

DesignNews The R700 Vector Robotic Arm is built from a multitude of and electromechanical components. The manual that comes with the robotic arm provides component details and how they are used with the mechatronics machine. The robotic arm ...
 20 December 2016