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Phys.Org The study of the unique properties of graphene (which are radically different from those of classical heterostructures) was marked by another Nobel prize awarded to the MIPT alumni Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov (2010). A great ... In
 30 September 2016

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Electronic Design Design's Products of the Week (9/25-10/1)The fully automated manufacturing process ensures the high level of reliability and quality of the components, suiting them for applications in demanding automotive environments such as the power supply of engine control modules and ECUs for
 29 September 2016

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The Company's products include Low and medium electro-mechanical and motor starters, motor and protection devices, AC/DC variable drives, contactors, push buttons, signaling devices, termination and
 29 September 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design One solution that's become popular is the inter-integrated input/output (IC I/O) expander. I2C I/O expanders allow system designers to increase the number of GPIO lines available on the system processor by simply connecting an I2C expander
 26 September 2016

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It mainly deals with the monitoring of current, , , power measurement and more from a generating source in order to trigger the eaker to open in an unusual situation. These relays are more often preferred in power
 21 September 2016

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These high current pulses are generated by high-speed switching and cause migration of metal from the rolling elements into the luicant. This leads to discharge machining (EDM) craters ... Most of the fall in
 21 September 2016

Printed Electronics World
Printed Electronics World The UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has developed a new, non-destructive, method of measuring the three dimensional orientation of molecules in an organic semiconductor transistor, using Raman spectroscopy. This will create a new, faster and ...
 16 September 2016

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Electronic Design Appropriate light-emitting diode drivers give more flexibility in designing better energy-efficient systems.
 15 September 2016

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Electronic Design Figure 2 shows the implementation with a half-wave cap-drop . Since the half-wave will disregard the negative cycle of the line , this will result in a lower current delivered to the input of the wide VIN buck topology than in the
 12 September 2016

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Electronic Design If you use a high- input capacitor and transformer, the common-mode can be hundreds of volts. The cleverness of Pease's is that the single transistor makes the oscillation, and also does the amplification. Since the input is in
 9 September 2016