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Hydraulics & Pneumatics (press release) (registration) (blog)
Hydraulics & Pneumatics (press release) (registration) (blog) Analogies: DC Motors and Hydraulic MotorsGiven that a series-connected dc motor and a pressure-compensated hydraulic motor have the same speed and torque ratings, they will both display essentially the same torque-speed characteristic curves. A generalized torque-speed curve ... “To
 27 April 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design The datasheet describes the resistive parameter as on-resistance, or RDS(ON). The conduction loss is independent of switching . Total conduction loss in the of Figure 1 is the sum of the high-side (HS) and low-side (LS) FET conduction ...
 27 April 2017

Characters in some of the more futuristic science fiction films, like "Minority Report" and "Iron Man," control computer displays with slick and deliberate hand ...
 27 April 2017

Dealerscope AMETEK Systems Protection (ESP), a leader in advanced power protection, diagnostic intelligence, remote monitoring, and cloud solutions, today announces a beneficial diagnostic intelligence firmware and software upgrade to the ESP NextGen
 26 April 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design Having a clamping or overvoltage protection is also very critical. • Loop inductance: Because of GaN's high slew rate and switching , any parasitic inductance in the design introduces losses and ringing in the system. Many sources of ...
 21 April 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design with a Zero-Drift Op AmpThese factors cause a mismatch of the bias currents flowing through the input of the op amp, resulting in a differential at the input terminals. .... GM_FF is another transconductance amplifier that provides a feedforward path for high
 19 April 2017

Electronic Design
Adding the effects of connectors, vias, BGAs, and all of the other impedance mismatches in a real , and the result is a response with resonant peaks and absorption valleys (Fig. 1). With 20 dB of loss at the 13.3-GHz fundamental
 18 April 2017

Electronic Design
Electronic Design DesignsThanks to their high electron mobility and high tolerance, these devices can generate hundreds of watts of power at well into the gigahertz range. ... A power-factor-correction (PFC) stage is required by the utility. This
 13 April 2017

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance ... such as embedded medical systems and implantable medical devices, Accu-P MP Series capacitors also exhibit high stability with respect to temperature, time, , and variation and -- designed for soldering onto flexible or alumina
 6 April 2017

Power Electronics Technology
Power Electronics Technology Systems Roadmaps Point to the FutureWhile WBG and UWBG semiconductors are capable of operating at higher and temperatures, today's capacitors are not. Similarly, while WBG semiconductors are capable of operating at higher , today's soft magnetics are not. Additionally ...
 5 April 2017