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Consumer Eagle
Press Telegraph The Company's principal product categories include Amplifiers, High Speed Amplifiers, Regulators, References, Interface, Data Converters, Battery Stack Monitors, Silicon Oscillators and Timer Blox, Phase Locked Loop Synthesizers and Generation Investment Management Llp Decreased Stake in Linear Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LLTC) by $3.16 ...Press Telegraph
 26 August 2016

To begin with, digital designers view designs in terms of . Analog designers, in contrast, look at currents. “Unless you can analyze an analog and understand those electrons and the motion of the currents, it's difficult to get it right
 25 August 2016

Street Report
The Company's products include Low and medium electro-mechanical and motor starters, motor and protection devices, AC/DC variable drives, contactors, push buttons, signaling devices, termination and
 23 August 2016

World Pumps
Having clean power supply capable of supporting products such as computers and telecommunications is even further up the wish list for many communities. Pumps as turbines .... If too much is generated it becomes necessary to open up
 22 August 2016

EE Times ... Technavio lists the prominent vendors that are expected to impact the global electrical resistors market. Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors ...
 22 August 2016

Smithsonian The neural dust sensors developed by Maharbiz and his co-author, neuroscientist Jose Carmena, consist of a piezoelectric crystal (that produces a in response to physical pressure) connected to a simple , all mounted on a tiny
 19 August 2016

“The heat not only affects the solid-state switching devices, but it also surrounds passive parts such as capacitors, resistors, etc.” ... “There should be an appropriately sized [e.g., number of outlets, physical dimensions] power
 18 August 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design IEC 62576: This standard describes methods for testing basic electrical characteristics (capacitance, maintenance, and energy efficiency) of conventional double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) to be used for peak power assistance in hyid
 16 August 2016

Part 1 (blog)
Parts for Your Project - Part 1... those prototypes into production-worthy gadgets. Every need is different, however, and your solution to your problem will need specific to solve that problem most efficiently and cost effectively. ... These parts only
 16 August 2016

Electronic Design
Electronic Design and GaN: Gateways to Better Power-Supply EfficiencyEvery device has a power supply. Most of those power supplies are of the switch-mode variety, which ... Higher-current, low- always consume more power. Keep in mind the basic premise behind the utility's reason for
 2 August 2016