Machine magnechuck under current protection circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure, + 24V power supply is obtained by the electromagnetic chuck 110V power down. When the electromagnetic chuck circuit make contact JK closed magnechuck C

Machine magnechuck under current protection circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

T power of work, the rated current is about l.4A (strong current disk will be bigger). At this point in the series circuit of the electromagnetic chuck sampling resistor Rl will have 1.4V voltage drop, and then after the sample is applied to the potentiometer RPl sampling transistor VTl input circuit by VTl, VT2 composite amplification. VTl, high magnification VT2 composite post, VT2 collector step closer to a potential change signal, the power switch integrated circuit IC can be quickly turned on or off. After sampling circuit from the normal signal voltage is amplified, so VTl, the collector potential VT2 close to 0V, ICs feet at low potential, feet turn, relay J1 was electric. Its moving together contact closure, so that the machine feed work. When 90% of the electromagnetic chuck current is less than the rated current (value adjustable), feet off the IC, J1 power, machine power feed circuit at the same time, feeding system to stop working, thus avoiding accidents.This circuit IC selects TWH8751 type, VTl type selection 9013, VT2 selection 3DGl2 type, VDl choose 24V, 1W, VD2 selected lN4148 relay J1 selection JTX-24 type.

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