Burglar Chaser Circuit

Posted on Aug 7, 2012

The burglar chaser makes a great accessory for any alarm system. It creates brilliant flashes of white light and a loud, irritating sound from a metal horn buzzer. Transformer T1 is connected to Ql, Rl, and R2 to form a blocking oscillator. This creates a 6-Vac signal on the primary of Tl. Because of Tl`s large ratio of turns from primary to secondary, the 6-Vac signal is stepped up to a level of over 200 Vac, which is then rectified by Dl.

Burglar Chaser Circuit
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The resultant dc voltage is applied to storage capacitor CI and the neon relaxation oscillator made up of R3, C2, and LI. Each time C2 charges up to a sufficient level, it ionizes LI, which causes SCR Q2 to fire. The firing SCR causes the charge on C2 to be applied to the trigger coil. The trigger coil converts the 200 V into the 4000-V pulse that is needed to fire micro xenon strobe tube/reflector FT. The cycle repeats itself after the strobe tube flashes.

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