CodeLock AVR

CodeLock AVR electronic combination lock is realised with Atmel AVR microcontroller AT90S2313 or ATtiny2313. Program in hex code is 2 kB long. User code is consisted of 1 to 4 digits. If you buy the chip than user code is consisted of 1 to 8 digits. If the code is entered in the correct sequence, then after 1 second the relay and the electric striker (in the door) switch on for 1 second and then switch off again. User code can be changed via 3x4 matrix keypad.
CodeLock AVR - schematic

Keypad for CodeLock can be bought at local electronic shop. Initial user code (1234) is set up with a jumper. The jumper must be inserted before the voltage (12V) connection. The jumper must be removed after 2 beeps (after 5 to 15 seconds). LCD display

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Hi, I want to know how hoe to interface Lm032L to ATMEGA8515 Micro-controller. Hope a mail from you.Plz feel free to contact me at

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