Electronic ship siren


Posted on Jul 31, 2012    6809

The circuit consists of a multivibrator (Ql & Q2), and a low power output stage Q3. The speaker should have an impedance in the region of 40 to 80 ohms. To use a low impedance speaker, connect an output transformer from the emitter of Q3 to ground. Cl and C2 determine the pitch of the siren and the values specified will provide a tone of about 300 Hz. Quiescent current is negligible.

Electronic ship siren  - schematic

The output at the collector of Q2 can also be fed into an amplifier input via a 1 µf electrolytic, in series with a 12 k resistor.

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Me   Feb 28, 2018

Be really good if there was an explanation of how the circuit works.

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