Posted on Aug 29, 2012

This circuit uses a type 741 op amp as a voltage comparator. One input of the 7.41 is connected to a reference voltage (a 12-V battery) through a resistor voltage divider. The potential at the noninverting input of the 741 is approximately 3 V. The inverting input of the op amp comparator is connected to the output of a line-operated 8-V power supply. When the ac power main fails, T1 will no longer be energized, so the charge stored in capacitor C1 will begin to discharge through resistor RS.

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When the capacitor voltage drops below the reference voltage of 3 V, the output of the comparator becomes high. This output condition .will forward bias transistor Q1, causing the Sonalert to sound the alarm. The time constant of the R5/C1 combination is 22 seconds-long enough to prevent noise from triggering the alarm.

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