Morse Code Beacon Keyer

This circuit stores a single morse code message as bits in an EPROM chip, the message is sent to a relay which can key a CW transmitter. The keyer can output either a one-shot message such as `CQ DX DE CALLSIGN`, or a continuous message. The continuous mode is useful for making low power (QRP) beacons. A One-shot message is controlled by the start/stop buttons, a continuous message is sent by turning on the free run switch. EPROMs other than the 2732 can be used if suitable changes are made to the circuit.
Morse Code Beacon Keyer - schematic

For larger EPROMs, just ground the higher order address input lines on the EPROM chip, and wire the appropriate chip select pins for outputs enabled and chip selected. It is also possible to store more than one message in different banks of a larger EP

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