Detected line current Phase protective circuit 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By the three current transformers Current detection signal obtained after rectification, filtering the output of the three DC voltage, are applied to the transistor VTi, VT2 an

Detected line current Phase protective circuit 2
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d VTa between the base and emitter. Signal by three three- diode after amplification, received by the diode VD4, VDs, or gates VD6 thereof. By the OR gate circuit controls the transistor VT4 turned on or off to control the inter-pull or release of relay KA. When the power shortage phase, KA pull, the contactor KM release, the motor stops. The disadvantage of the protection circuit, when the stator windings when -shaped connection inside the motor winding down phase current does not drop to zero, and the relay will not action.

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