Ignition Module with Hall Effect Sensor

Posted on Dec 27, 2012

Half of the effort in this project was to achieve the original timing. When I removed the old coils from the stator poles, I concluded that the timing signal was coming from this pole. The coil that was on this pole had many turns of very fine wire, hardly enough to drive the 0.2 ohm resistance of the special factory ignition coil. So I concluded that its signal was what signalled the original ignition module to trigger spark. So I shaved about a 1/16` off of the pole with my dremel, and used a dab of JB-Quick epoxy to fasten the hall effect sensor to the end of the pole, taking care to maintain that close `dollar bill` clearance to the flywheel magnets.

Then there are three large TO208X style transistors from a switching power supply. I was not able to use these because of their drive requirements. I suspect they may have been IGBT`s, needing a considerable spike on their gate leads to turn them on.

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