A touch-AC electronic switching circuit

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Diagram 2 shake tube n. Capacitance C. Trigger voltage rectifier filter element. H is a trigger voltage transistor amplifier circuit, three pull tube n, U, v. Composition trigg

A touch-AC electronic switching circuit - schematic

er thyristor as BCR diac. LED switching status display, c6. G. day. DW, dish for the power circuit section. When touched with a finger briefly under speculation inch touch sheet, the bodys AC induction voltage through the diode rectifier, capacitor c, filter plus obtain a pulsating DC voltage, input A transistor base so conduction, H set an electrode current two routes, all the way to the flow of R.V2 base because it is a short touch, so collector current is short, the current does not cause C, the voltage changed greatly .K not turned on, and the other JL! stream troops, R, U G pole, so n will have collector current flowing through the n base, so n.V4 from off state into saturated conduction state exhausted, the n-nest high electrode electrically him (nearly 6V supply voltage). the a current through the SCR system very romantic person, SCR BCR conducting open shoulder .DZ light bulb. and when the high potential electrode V-ju, will maintain the current through the island, K3 inflows U base, maintain U. the V4 saturated conduction state. to turn off power to the switch, just simply touching a finger again to bring films, Rang contact time is more than 3 seconds, so collector electrode has a longer duration of current flows through Rz charge to C3, when the white charging to 0.7V, n is turned off and the n low potential, V4 also turned off thyristor gate current losing BCR cut LL.DZ lamp goes out. after touch-up, U, V held in the off state.

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