Touch Switch with relay

A simple circuit with which we have the possibility opening and closing the RL1 contacts. He becomes touching a small metal surface. Clue of situation that is found RL1, is become by the Led D3. The supply of circuit is +12V, the IC1 is supplied with 3.9V fall of voltage that is ensured by combination R5 and zener D2. For more good restoration perhaps it should adaptation of R1 value.

Part List R1=10M 1/4W 5% [See Text] R6=1K 1/4W 5% D2=3.9V 0.4W ZENER R2-3=1M 1/4W 5% C1-2=470nF 63V MKT D3=LED RED R4=33K 1/4W 5% C3=47nF 63V MKT Q1=BD679 R5=1.8K 1/2W 5% C4=22uF 25V IC1=4011 D1=1N4148 RL1=12V Relay

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