Touch fan speed control circuit eight stalls

Circuit shown in Figure 3-7. Just touch sensor chip (conductive sheet). Eight gear speed can be realized. CC4011 timing pulse oscillator consists of an integrated circuit Ai NA
Touch fan speed control circuit eight stalls - schematic

ND gate 1,2 composition. When touching conductive sheet M while, Ai Kai vibration that is to CC4017 ~ - into the counting/pulse divider Az issued counting pulse, the output of Yl A2 of ~ Y9 turn out high through different resistor values R ~ ~ Ria buck to the optocoupler B, and then control the TRIAC V conduction angle, to achieve eight gear speed. Resistors R6 level 62kC1, R7 ~ R1a required to determine the actual debugging, so that two adjacent block electrical pressure (voltage across the motor) the order of 25 ~ 30V.

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