Voice amplifier transistor

Posted on Dec 11, 2010    3092

Dctl is a two-stage amplifier, the first stage amplifying transistor VT1 collector voltage U

Voice amplifier transistor
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and by vt2 1 proportional to current rf, uf through wind and after rf applied sub-base of vt1. circuit gain equal product two magnification. operation given feedback process as follows: when emitter increases, rise high r1, r partial pressure, so ultl increased. vn which makes conduction save degree low, flowing resistor reduction resume normal work, achieve purpose operation, transistor direct-coupled negative put dog, not only has electrical pressure magnification, performance. in circuit, vt1 rf. no bypass capacitor added, indicating that it just a ac feedback. this lost though some magnification + get operation. resistance divided into parts, re2 added g, direct without exchange

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