Magnetic field sensors circuit and serial interface application HMC1002

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Application Circuit biaxial magnetic field sensor shown. Using a biaxial magnetic sensor HMC1002, two AMP04 (A1, A2), the magnetic field can simultaneously measure the X-axis d

Magnetic field sensors circuit and serial interface application HMC1002
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irection and the Y-axis direction. HMC1002 two voltage signals outputted respectively after A1 and A2 amplification, then the analog input and the reference terminal 12 bit A/D converter TLC2543, and then connected via the interface circuit P. MAX662A is a highly efficient DC/DC converter can be raised to + 5V power supply + 10V, as the drive power IRF7105. Pulse current driver input signal from the P, the output is sent to the HMC1002 S/R + terminal (pin 16). Figure C3 tantalum capacitors should be used.

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