Metal detector with 4030 CMOS

This battery-powered metal detector uses four exclusive-OR gates contained in the 4030 CMOS integrated circuit. The gates are wired as a twin-oscillators and a search coil serves as the inductance element in one of the oscillators. When the coil is brought near metal, the resultant change in its effective inductance changes the oscillator's frequency. Gates A1 and A2 form the two oscillators which are tuned to 160 and 161 kilohertz respectively.
Metal detector with 4030 CMOS - schematic

The pulses produced by each oscillator are mixed in A3, its output contains sum and difference frequencies at 1 and 321 kHz. The 321 kHz signal is filtered out by the 10 kHz low-pass filter at A4, leaving the 1 kHz signal to be amplified for the crystal headset connected at the output. The device's sensitivity is sufficient to detect coin- sized objects a foot away.

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