Optocouplers and transistors of the bistable circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007    7267

As shown by the bistable circuit and optocoupler transistor of FIG. In the initial state the moment the supply voltage is turned on, the transistor VT off, the circuit outputs

Optocouplers and transistors of the bistable circuit diagram
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a high potential. When the input terminal with a forward pulse, so that the collector current increases VT, optocoupler light emitting diode, phototransistor collector-emitter resistance among smaller, resulting in VT base current increases, the formation of positive feedback, so fast VT saturation, from 1 to 0. When you enter a negative pulse, VT collector current decreases, thereby enabling VT darken the light emitting diode base current decreases, causing VT collector current is further reduced, so that VT quickly turned off, and the light emitting diode does not light, phototransistor is turned off, so that VT stable in the off state, the flip-flop from 0 to l state. This can improve the anti-jamming capability bistable circuit bistable circuit.

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