Micropower radioactive radiation detector   

RF-Radiation Detector Circuits
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Aug 18, 2012
In the absence of radiation, no current is drawn. At normal background radiation levels the power consumption is extremely low. The instrument may be left on for several months without changing batteries. In this way the detector is always ready to indicate an increase in radiation, An LED is used as an indicator lamp. With background radiation it draws less than 50 µ.
Micropower radioactive radiation detector  - schematic

A ferrite pot core is used for the transformer with N1 = 30, N2 = 550, andN3 = 7. Using two 1.5V batteries withO.5 Ah total capacity, the detector can work at background radiation levels for 0.5 Ah + 50µ = 10,000 hours, which is more than a year.

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