Peak Detector

Posted on Oct 2, 2012

A 0-to-5 V input drives the negative input of LM392 comparator if reset (pin 12) if DC4060BE is pulled high then low, all out

Peak Detector
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puts of ICF1 are forced low, forcing + input of comparator to go low. Q1 is cut off and ICl"s clock oscillator, running at about 775 Hz, starts counting. The Q4 through Q14 outputs connect to a ladder. When the counter reaches a count so that the voltage on pin 3 of the LM392 equals the peak input voltage, the counter stops. This voltage is available at the output of the voltage follower LM392 (pin 7). The maximum time to acquire a peak is 22 seconds. This circuit is slow and was originally intended for battery-charging applications.

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