Low voltage detector

The values of Rl, R2, and D1 are selected for the voltage applied. Using a 12-volt battery, Rl = 10 K, R2 = 5 K and D1 is a 5-volt zener diode, or a string of forward-biased silicon rectifiers equaling about 5 volts. Transistor Ql is a general-purpose UJT (Unijunction Transistor), and Q2 is any small-signal or switching NPN transistor. When detector is connected across the battery terminals, it draws little current and does not interfere with other de vices powered by the battery
Low voltage detector - schematic

If voltage drops below the trip voltage selected with the Rl setting, the speaker beeps a warning. The frequency of the beeps is determined by the amount of undervoltage. If other voltages are being monitored, select Rl so that it draws only 1 mA or 2 mA. Zener diode D1 is about one-half of the desired trip voltage, and R2 is selected to bias it about 1 mA.

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