RTD remote temperature sensing current voltage conversion circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

When the RTD temperature sensor further away from the amplifier, sensor lead resistance and the lead is vulnerable to interference and other issues will not be ignored. Circuit shown in Figure can solve this problem. The circuit uses a voltage-current

RTD remote temperature sensing current voltage conversion circuit
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converter -4-20mA XTR103. XTR103 dedicated to RTD signal processing path, the internal integration RrlD linear circuit, widening the supply voltage range of + 9 ~ + 40V. XTR103 two output 0.8mA current source, a current source after driving through VT2 applied RTD, avoid links from decay, and inhibited the line interference. Rh and XTR101 role in R. Exactly the same role: defining output maximum current. Rini linearized adjusting the resistance, the resistance to change that is to change the linearity. Output signal via an external crystal tube VT1 obtained after 4 ~ 20mA current. RCV420 dedicated to 4-20mA current-voltage converter (in this section, "three" will be introduced), after converting the output voltage of 0 ~ 5V

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