Telephone control automatic lamp circuit 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By phone automatically when the lamp base circuit NE555 and optocouplers constituted a call at night, light will automatically light up, hang up delay imi. About, self-extingui

Telephone control automatic lamp circuit 2
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shing lamp. Good circuit also has an r- buttons switches usually require + F lights, just gently press the switch, the lamp can be automatically according to Hh imin. a, b end of the telephone line connected in the towel, do not have time to distinguish between positive and negative polarity of the string, the string will not affect its power to make the phone only constant T. Usually no current telephone line through the optocoupler tuner Al (4N4,) the built-in light emitting diode will not light, corresponding to the photodiode off, namely the Al pin output low. VT1 is in the off state state, its collector is provider level, by the A2 C NF.555) consisting of Shin-shot at in a stable state, the output terminal pin output low level, the thyristor wr2 off, according to state lamp E does not shine. When I hear an electric, then the owner of the buckle or hook dialing, the current through the telephone line, Al built-in LEDs light emitting corresponding photodiode is turned on, namely the Al feet lose. high. VT1 get base flow conduction, the collector output low, namely monostable touch flop pin input a negative Wing Chong A2, A2 is triggered flip temporarily set into the nervous, pin is output high, VT2 get sleepy gate trigger lU stream opened, fE namely BU bright. As the phone rang Bi unmanned hook or kick after electric hook tongue, Al of O, feet secluded lose if the current account, containing arc tube off, the corresponding photodiodes recovery off state, VT1 also will be closed. At this time only by the power called R. To C. Seek power after about imijI after that AZs foot level l River to 2, + 3V.. Transient end trigger clamor turn stabilized exhausted, pin returns low, VT2 go missing trigger current, alternating current zero-crossing spot that is called off, the lamp F turns off. When SB button to turn on the lights, turn on the lights lighting usually required, just click SB. feet to A2 anthropogenic input of people a low f, forcing A2 flipped into the temporarily exhausted, it can also make the point against the lamp E imin. Rl. And RP constituting the light control circuit. J for the two cases above process, it ensures that the circuit does not work during the day, only at night to r automatic light control only by telephone, thick section RP may light control sensitivity adjusting circuit. This circuit RI. Installing more freedom, as long as it can make you can feel the natural light and small enough to have to worry about it being my lamp E itself exposed to light small disturbance.

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