4-Way Intercom

The Link telephone intercom is designed around two ICs. The first, IC1, is an NE 556 dual timer chip, which is wired up to provide dial tone, ring tone (busy tone too, which will be explained along with a few add-ons to be mentioned later on) and ring pulses for the ringer circuit attached to each line circuit. The other chip, IC 2, is a CD 4017B decade counter, which is wired to count each train of dial pulses as they are received and buffered by the two opto-couplers, OC1 and OC 2 and their associated R/C networks.

Each line circuit consists of the individual phone handset, the DC buzzer mounted inside it, the common connections to TX and the cathode of led, as well as transistors Q1 to Q4 and common driver transistor Q5. With pin 3 of IC2 at logic high on, diode D3

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