Telephone Ringer Circuits

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Connects to your phone line. Onboard relay can be used to activate an external buzzer, bell, light, etc. in synchronisation with incoming bell rings. Terminal block or RJ11 connector.

This circuit produces a ringing sound similar to that made by more recent telephones. It consists of three almost identical oscillators connected in a chain, each generating a squarewave signal. Th...

The normal telephone bell, at times (specially during night when one does not want to be disturbed), appears to be quite irritating. The circuit shown here converts the loud sounding bell into a so...

K8087 Telephone Ring with Buzzer and LED Kit is an external sounder for your phone line that will sound the onboard buzzer and flash when the phone ri.

K8086 Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output Kit allows you to attach an external sounder to your phone line that will sound when the phone rings.

The tunes produced by “telephone ringer” here are more melodious and soothing compare to those of old telephone instrument and piezo buzzer in the current electronic telephone instruments. Circuit ...