Digital Camera 5 channel power supply MAX1565


Posted on Dec 11, 2010    8319

Digital Camera 5 channel power supply MAX1565 5 shows a digital camera power supply channel MAX1565, seen from the figure, the chip offers a number of road width signal generat

Digital Camera 5 channel power supply MAX1565 - schematic

ion and control circuit, using different ways according to the DC voltage regulator and current required for the digital camera. DL3 chip 71-pin output voltage type PWM drive signal - external FET work in the off state, the switch transformer primary winding Tl formed PWM pulse current through the switch becomes secondary voltage multiplier Tl Road rectifier outputs respectively +15 voltage V (20 mA) and 7.V (20 rnA) of. DL1, DL2 output terminal liter pressure type PWM signal, respectively, by the FET switch and rectifier filter circuit +V and +1V output voltage. There are two PWM circuit, a set of switches via respective field effect transistor, the DC voltage into a switching pulse. Then via the filter circuit output DC voltage to the CPU and other circuits.

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