EPSON PHOTO 830U printer power circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

EPSON PHOTO 830U printer power circuit It shows EPSON PHOT0 830U printer power supply circuit, which belongs to the switching power supply. In normal operation, the power suppl

EPSON PHOTO 830U printer power circuit
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y input socket will 2,20V AC supply circuit board. After 220V AC fed through the first fuse and mutual inductance filter. After a 220V AC, filtered and fed by a bridge rectifier circuit composed of four rectifier diodes, the 220V AC into a DC voltage of about 300 V, and then supplied to both ends of the electrolytic capacitor CI1. The electrolytic capacitor voltage is 400 V, which is mainly used for 30V DC voltage filtering. After a filter, a DC voltage of 30V Panther gave switching transformer Tl, opening off the transformer Tl and the other end connected to the drain of the switching transistor VT1. 30V DC voltage via the starting resistor R18 after switching to a field effect transistor gate should provide starting voltage. This voltage is applied to the gate field effect transistor switch after which they begin to have a current flows in the primary winding current will be switching transformer. In the switching transformer, there is a positive feedback winding, an electric current is immediately generates a sensing signal such that the switching FET into oscillation, after the oscillation is generated in the primary winding of the transformer in the switching of the high frequency oscillating current, will produce the corresponding secondary induced current frequency. Switching transformer secondary output voltage through the rectifier filter, the output lead two DC output voltage and to the main circuit board.

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