LM1812 uses ultrasonic anti-collision circuit design

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit principle : ultrasonic anti-collision circuit is shown, when the LM1812 circuit by circuit group to control the transmission and reception of LM1812 (LM1812, ie send an

LM1812 uses ultrasonic anti-collision circuit design
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d receive). Available Skfl distance control potentiometer to adjust, and can be controlled 2-3m. Timebase circuit consisting of one-shot circuit, when reaching the alarm distance, time-based circuit pin input low (equivalent to 1/3Vcc) 1, the one-shot circuit is triggered, pin output high. LED lights while electronic buzzer alarm. This circuit ultrasonic transmitting/receiving sensor is T/R-40 series, the circuit can be used for anti-collision car when reversing alarm, installed in the rear of the car can be. Can also be used for anti-theft alarm, the thief entered the range of 2 ~ 3m, began to alarm for home, warehouse, finance and other departments.

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