TDA2009 single power amplifier circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Always wanted to do morning exercise machine, also suffering no single power can not find high-power amplifier, as morning exercise machine is battery powered, so thinking abou

TDA2009 single power amplifier circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

t for several months, but finally found a TDA2009 single-supply amplifier IC, and now to share with you the application circuit TDA2009. TDA2009 is a more common and affordable hi-fi amplifier manifold. Rated power of 2 10W. Supply voltage 8 ~ 28V. The maximum output current of 3.5A. Overheating protection circuit. (2 10W, THD 0.5%) According to the author uses the chip sets made amplifier, the effect is still very good, has been used now, for several years, not out of any trouble. Of course, such ground Design Tips chapter introduction, provided that the design must be reasonable ground, while its heat is very small though, still have to pay attention to heat. Its circuit is as follows:

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