Low energy consumption audio signal generator

Posted on Sep 25, 2012

On those occasions when we want to see if an amp works, the best tool we can use is a source of acoustic signal with a frequency around the 1 kHz. These characteristics can be merely 'tolerated', because in cases of rapid tests rarely consider whether the amplifier is quality. We need only find that it works So, the deformation of the generator is a parameter without irrelevant, giving way to another more important: consumption. The design of the circuit discussed below has been done so that the generator is to fulfill the above requirements.

Low energy consumption audio signal generator
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With prices of (ordinary) materials listed in the chart, it produces audible frequency 899 Hz, with 1 Vrms output level and all retaining its consumption to 20 mA. From a theoretical viewpoint, this minimum absorption power of self-reliance allows 25,000 hours (!) when powered by a battery of 9 V. From manufacturing point of view, the circuit is based on an operator type TLC271 (IC 1), which in turn controls a typical bridge Wien. The oscillation frequency is defined by C 1, C2 and R 1-R4. The two inputs of an operational kept in force equal to half the supply voltage through the divider formed from A3, A4 and A5, R6. The latter two resistors is also part of the panel feedback. The gain factor is defined by the grade of P1 on the X3. The diodes 1 and 02 are intended to limit amplitude of the output signal. However, since the characteristic curve is anything but linear, it can be considered is obvious that the signal will be highlighted in the output of step will be distorted. When the generator output 1 Vrms, the value of deformation is about 10%. We reiterate that this course has absolutely no importance to quickly control the amplifier. If however 10% seems too large, you have to join the pin 8 of integrated earth. Such a move would drastically reduce the deformation of 0.7% (with proper settings), but will increase while consumption at 640 Ma. If for setting you can not use paramorfosimetro, sure to fine tune the output voltage. generator to 1 Vrms. Since the deformation of the generator is high anyway, there is no reason to use in place of C 1 and C2 capacitors sophisticated. Prefer therefore, ordinary (and cheap) ceramic.

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