RC relaxation type tone control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure 1-560 RPi is treble control potentiometer. Because C3, C4 is larger than cl, C2 capacity, so high-frequency signals, Pat, C4 can be regarded as a short

RC relaxation type tone control circuit
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circuit. So treble adjustment circuit can be simplified as in Figure 1-57. When the arm is moved to the top RPi point A, due RPi resistance is much greater than Rz, RPI, C2 branch can be regarded as open, so Figure 1-57 can be equivalent to FIG. 1-58 (a). Because cl terms of bass and midrange, can be regarded as open, so the frequency rate is relatively low, V2/V1 foot 2 Ri + 2 feet) 0 Figure 1-58 (a) for high frequency, q the capacitance is very small, high-frequency signal number can go through, and therefore, with respect to the volume treble bass t is increased. when the frequency is high to a certain extent, ct can be regarded as a short circuit, V2 is almost equal to the o Figure 1 - VI 58 (b) to enhance the properties (a) circuit curve, solid line is the exact value of the control characteristics of the dotted line is an approximation. start turning the treble frequencies fHI 1/2 rrClRi, whereby point start, frequency per liter twice as high lift signal increases about 6dB;, annoyed by the lift characteristic curve into a flat corner frequency, H2 (Ri + Rz)/2, arRiRzC1 Assuming that Ri 10R2, then when, iO. when the frequency increases 10 times larger than the transmission voltage relative increase 20dB (10 times).

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