An automatic voltage regulator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By AC 220V step-down transformer Lu. Former -q diode bridge rectifier, filter capacitor C becomes a straight stream. The DC voltage varies with fluctuations in the grid. R.. Ri

An automatic voltage regulator circuit
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and RP divider consisting of changes BU galvanic JE sampling, RP center sampling voltage BU liters diode dish, D., D, D ,. , Dii Du sequentially turned on; when the grid voltage is 160V, all diodes cut J Bu, I- J4 full release, with electrical voltage connected to the regulator, the maximum boost end ] position; grid electricity to destroy 175V fixed sometimes, health hurricane, Tj guide sister, 1 suction units switch to 2 position; voltage of 190V/death the right time,, L is turned on, Jl suction units, meaning turn switch to 3 position; electric board when 205V, D7, D, j 1 conduction base is grounded Tz a cutoff .Jl release put pull, received 44 : voltage is 220V. Dm. Ding 5 cut mound, on,/liht Taiwan, received 5. When the input voltage and the output m the same: if the voltage continues to rise around the time t 235V, then Dn, L lead framed, T3 cut ll, on release. Suction units, received a 6 for the buck lose fi {: if the electric voltage is increased to ridicule 250v, this time D.. T is turned. Friends, cutting eight auxiliary electric Shu, converted to an overvoltage indication I, FD, lit., Q is the only stable voltage input instructions.

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