Coop automatic controller circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Coop automatic controller described in this case, capable of sheds light, temperature and humidity automatically adjusted to increase egg production rate and survival rate of c

Coop automatic controller circuit diagram
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hickens. The device for use chicken specialized households in rural areas. Circuit works The house automation controller circuit from the power circuit, the humidity detection control circuit, lighting and temperature detection control circuit detecting control circuit, as shown in FIG. Power circuit from the power transformer T, rectifier bridge pile UR1, LED HL, three-terminal integrated voltage regulator IC and filter capacitor C1. Humidity detection by the humidity control circuit resistor RS, rectifier bridge pile UR2, potentiometer RP1, transistor V1, V2, diode VD1, VD2, resistors R1 ~ R4, capacitor C2 and the composition of the relay K1. Light detection control circuit by the phototransistor V3, transistor V4, V5, resistor R5 ~ R8, potentiometer RP2, diode VD3, VD4 and relay K2 components. Temperature detection control circuit by the thermistor RT, resistor R9 ~ R12, transistor V6, V7, capacitor C4, potentiometer RP3, diodes VD5, VD6 and relay K3 composition. AC 220V voltage by T Buck, respectively, generates an AC voltage and AC 15V 6V voltage on the winding W2 and W3 winding. 15V rectified AC voltage by UR1, IC voltage regulator and C1 filtered for the whole provide 12V DC voltage; the AC 6V voltage via an RS-limiting step-down and UR2 rectified, added to the RP1 two fixed ends. When the humidity inside the house is not enough, the resistor RS humidity resistance is large, so that the base voltage V1 due to decrease end, V2 conduction, K1 pull its normally open contact connected to the power supply of the humidifier, humidifier humidification spray. When the humidity inside the house to meet the requirements (relative humidity 55% ~ 65%), RS resistance becomes smaller, so that conduction V1: V2 off, K1 release, the humidifier stops working. When adequate light in the house, phototransistor V3 internal resistance becomes smaller, so that V4 and V5 off, K2 is released, fill light does not shine. When there is insufficient light inside the house, V3 internal resistance becomes larger, so that V4 and V5 conduction, K2 pull its normally open contact connected, fill light is lit. In the house temperature suitable (15 ~ 25 ), the thermistor resistance RT smaller, V6 and V7 are closed, K3 does not pull, the heating device does not work. If the low temperature inside the chicken coop, the RT resistance becomes larger, so that V6 and V7 conduction, K3 pull its normally open contact connected to the power supply of the heating means, to start with heating. When the temperature reaches the required temperature inside the house, V6 and V7 off, K3 release, the heating device stops working. Component selection R ~ 812 select 1/4W carbon film resistors or metal film resistors. RT use MF11 type negative temperature coefficient thermistor. RS selection MS01-A type humidity sensitive resistor. RP1 ~ RP3 are made of organic solid potentiometer. C1 ~ C4 are selected voltage is 25V aluminum electrolytic capacitors. VD1, VD3 and VD5 are made of 1N4148 silicon switch diode; VD2, VD4 and VD6 are made of silicon rectifier diode. UR1 and UR2 are selected bridge rectifier 1A, 50V of. V1, V4 and y6 are selected 3DG6 or 59013,3DG9013 silicon NPN transistor; V3 selection 3DU5 type phototransistor; V2, V5 and V7 are selected 3DG12 or Model C8050 silicon NPN transistor. IC selects LM7812 or CW7812 type three end steady voltage integrated circuits. K1 ~ K3 are selected JRX-4 type 12V DC relay. T optional 5 ~ 8W, secondary voltage of 15V and 6V power transformer. HL optional 6.3V indicator.

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