Gate automatic lamp circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

- The use of a number of integrated circuits rather gated automatic lighting circuit device formed, which consists of door and window components of the sensor, CD4093 digital integrated circuits with state relay and power supply circuit.

Gate automatic lamp circuit
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Usually closed when the room f J. K by the magnetic field of the magnet, the electrical connection is closed, the inverter f Chuan I input high level, after inverting input rP, is low; when the deduction liter door, away from the T magnet reed relays, K jump contacts Ji door input is low, the output is high, namely: the door shut - o; door Ji-1, phototransistor WlP and R, composed of light twist circuit at night without light, VTP off, the output for the "O"; when Bai Tianbai light, Vir conduction, the output is "1." RS © NAND gate I and composed of typical fire triggers, J '] control signal and the control signals, respectively , as S (set to "l") end and R (set to "()") side of the input signal. From the RS flip-flop truth table (see Table 7 1) shows that only when R = O (ie the night, no light), S a 1 (door is opened), whose output Q that is only for the first feet " .. " After t inverter inverting the first feet high output power + to make a diode VT conduction, solid state relays SSR opened, F lamp is lit, the light emitting diode while I, ED also lit indicates. And when R = L (ie n days, there is light). Or when so (door closed) is called, all so that the output Ql, through gates t anti After phase so V1I off, SSR off Ge, F spider will not be illuminated. VD1, (, I and R; cyanosis to extend Trent lU Road, elbow 'i "signal delay of about 10 s so that the door is opened. When people enter (a) Li Yi Ge I, when the door not be closed, electricity spider E , but to delay 40s then off. the delay circuit full advantage of the CMOS circuit high input Frl + / Lt larger than 10Mn), heard this training using smaller capacitors will machi obtain a relatively longer delay time: 1 as the book machine DC voltage mountain f buck, VD2 ~ VDa rectifier, vs regulator after obtaining the entire power supply section without heating element [U electrode consumption province, can pass lU among pregnant published work, the same year the electricity suddenly energized blood will not exceed ikWh "] circuit I -IV using Schmitt NAND gate 4 blocks of digital integrated circuits CI) 4003.SSR use IC, type solid state relays TA (, OIS, the maximum drive capability IA.C, suddenly find using C, 1 {B400V polypropylene capacitors , a claim .. electrolytic capacitor leakage current as small as possible for the best use tantalum electrolytic door sensor suppliers to seek common ground dagger cases, no special requirements other components.

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