Stepper motor control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

This machine uses FD-CAS-923 1 stepper motor control experiment board with 4-phase step motor to avoid its schematic shown in Figure 4-42a, JK1 cop 40 core flat cable connector, the signal arrangement of EICE51 simulation compatible interfaces can

Stepper motor control circuit
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be connected directly to EICEsl the artificial mouth. + 5v power supplied by EICE51, + 12V power plug through external rKl. 1) According to the working principle of a stepping motor, using 8031 Pl. 4-7 are respectively connected to the stepping motor driver A, B, C, D phase, software controlled pulse output port Pl sequence, control the stepper motor speed, direction, step distance. At the same time as the stepping motor rotation state can be observed in the A, B, C, D phase output installation status indicator. 2) stepping motor drive circuit Rs ~ R8 current limiting resistor to limit the current value of the coil, diode VD1 ~ VD4 crystal formation reflux coil current loop off the tube, also known as reflux diode, the choice should consider the supply voltage and the coil current. VT1 ~ VT4 as the switching transistor. Control process works as follows. Operation of the stepping motor is controlled by a pulse signal, the traditional method is to use digital logic circuits - ring pulse distributor control stepper motor stepper. Figure 4-42b process control waveform. (1) running direction control stepper motor with a three-phase six shot mode, if press A - AB + BC-Ib, C + CA-energized II.A order to forward, if by A- AC -C-CB- B - BA - a sub- energize the reverse order. (z) to control the speed of operation from FIG. 4-42b can be seen that, when changing the CP pulse cycle time, ABC three-phase windings of high and low width will change, which leads to power and power variations caused by the rate of changes in the motor speed changes, so adjust the CP pulse cycle can be controlled step into the motor operating speed. (3) Since the rotation angle of each of the input control pulse CP into a three-phase windings of the stepping motor changes state once, and accordingly a rotation angle degrees, so the angle of rotation of the stepping motor by the output pulse number is determined in the CP. The machine adopts 8031 controlled stepper electric motive operation, according to a three-phase six shot mode in Pl mouth out control code, make forward or reverse. Because of this small change cycle output port Pl code control operation of the motor speed:

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