Radio Motor Controller Schematic

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A very nice radio control circuit can be used to control the circuit shown below in small motors. The circuit is very similar to the car radio remote control toy 7 function: fo

Radio Motor Controller Schematic
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rward, forward, left, right, forward, backward, left behind, behind the right and stop. You can also use some other need a few simple lines, electronic motor controller circuits, RF circuits. Remote control operation requires a frequency of 27.9 megahertz 9 volt power supply of the radio motor controller circuit consists of two parts of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. For remote control you can use some contact with push buttons or a miniature joystick control. Command is coded sequence of electrical pulses used by different sets of electrical contacts; the number of pulses depends on the command being sent. 27.9 MHz frequency tuning circuit creates a pulse signal sent to the active antenna. Antenna radio energy into electrical energy, creating a radio burst of energy, through the air and picked up the receiver and radio in the car can be understood flow. Car antennas collecting radio energy and convert it into electricity, if the car is open, then the radio receiver in the cars electrical energy continuously monitoring its antenna. The receiver is a filter, which is about 27.9 MHz and adjust the zoom block energy antennas pick up any energy from outside the region. If the remote control sends a command, then it will pick up the signal from the radio receiver and converted back to the original pulse sequence. Decoding circuit, and then decide whether the received pulse sequence by measuring the number of commands sent. Run signal is sent to the motor. When operating with a strong battery, within the scope of an open area at least 40 feet barriers will reduce the ability of radio signals travel through the air and reduce operating range, but will not stop it completely. In the car, weak batteries will reduce power motors and reduce the ability of the receiver from the transmitter, filters, amplifies, and decodes the command. When receiving the command to turn left or right, the steering motor applied voltage, since the steering wheel is connected to the bar, the car will open. Turn the other direction, the motor voltage is reversed. Steering motor drives the same electrical engineering. When forward voltage is applied to the drive motor receives a command, the voltage is reversed backwards. Both the receiver and transmitter AF2310 integrated circuit basis.

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